Justice League
Battle of the Sexes
Paddington 2
Murder on the Orient Express (2017)
The Death of Stalin
Thor: Ragnarok
The Snowman
Blade Runner 2049
Home Again
Kingsman: The Golden Circle

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Brunswick Moviebowl

Location: Derry

Screens: 7 screens. Big spacious seats with decent sized armrests.

Offers: £3.50 Tuesday for everyone. Student price £5. Full price £6.

Extras: A gorgeous new-ish cinema with great service and facilities. Nice popcorn. Weekends and Tuesdays have late showings of films (11pm) which I often take advantage of as not many cinemas offer this. Booking fee is 80p.

Odyssey Cinemas

Location: Belfast

Screens: 12 screens (3 VIP). Comfortable enough seats in non-VIP but great privacy and comfort in the VIP suites for a pricier ticket.

Offers: £3 on Mondays for students, £2.50 Tuesday for everyone, £3 Thursday if you've signed up for their free membership and a free small popcorn is thrown in too! Student from £4.20 to £4.70. Full price £5 - £6.60.

Extras: Often does subtitled screenings for the hard of hearing, on top of some autism-friendly screenings. Plenty of special charity screenings as well. Nice popcorn. No booking fee online is a bonus! One of my favourite cinemas, just wish I could afford VIP more often!

Queen's Film Theatre (QFT)

Location: Belfast

Screens: 2 screens. The smaller screen 2's seats are not as cushioned as the screen 1's.

Offers: £4 for everybody on Mondays/Tuesdays. Student £4.00. Full price £6.50.

Extras: The indie film heart of Northern Ireland. I often go to QFT for films that aren't showing anywhere else. Often has special screenings of classic films. They've also got The Jameson Bar instead of a snacks counter for a bit more of an adult evening at the cinema.

Movie House Cinemas, Dublin Road

Location: Belfast

Screens: 10 screens. Seats are generally ok but sometimes cramped.

Offers: £3 for everybody on Tuesdays. Student £4.50. Full price £4.30-£6.

Extras: This is the closest mainstream cinema for students at Queen's so is quite busy most weekday evenings (especially Tuesdays). Due to its 10 screens, it always has a wide range of choices regarding films and showtimes. No booking fee online is a bonus!

Omniplex Derry

Location: Derry

Screens: 7 screens. New good quality seating.

Offers: £3 Tuesday for everyone. Student price £4.50. Full price £5.50. Extra discount if booking online with a MyOmniplex account.

Extras: Recently refurbished cinema in the city centre. Now has an OmniMAXX screen which is a small version of IMAX at a premium price. Has allocated seating. Decent popcorn.

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